Calaveras Newcomer

Piece description from the artist

Henri and a cluster of Dállies peer suspiciously at the overly happy Calaveras. Does it remind you of Frida a little?

Other works by Alice Kay Lee

About Alice Kay Lee

Seattle, WA

When Alice was growing up, art wasn’t exactly a priority. Between the government cheese, cockroaches, and occasional gunshot sound, there was little room for shinanegans in the San Francisco Chinatown projects. Despite the hardships of living in such a seemingly dangerous area, Alice felt she owed much of her creativity to the rich culture soaked in her everyday world. The murals, festivals, graffiti, and people in Chinatown helped her to see layers and textures as components with which she could build visual interest. After earning degrees in art, design, and teaching, she is now embarking on the kurious journey of parenthood.

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