Cafe wha

Cafe Wha?

Piece description from the artist

Cafe Wha? – yes, the question mark is part of the official name of this historic landmark. What's historic about it? This was the former hangout of Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Allen Ginsberg in the heart of 1960's Greenwich Village, near where I live.

Other works by Philip Levine

About Philip Levine

New York, NY

Ever since Philip started painting 30 years ago there was one main focus that resonated with him: the figure. He studied anatomy for artists and spent hundreds of hours learning, experimenting with color, composition, and drawing. Because he's spent well over a thousand hours painting the figure from life it's enabled him to stretch out and create more interesting canvases using the camera as a tool. Some of the themes he's painted include NYC street scenes, boxing (he boxed years ago), the Civil War, the Indian Wars and a series of paintings of imaginary scenes inside museums pulling together a variety of images to create those paintings.

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