Piece description from the artist

This image is a direct response to one inspiring moment in my life. I aim to show the energy of that specific space and time, and capture the essence of that moment visually. I tap into the interconnectivity, motion and inner strength to guide both myself, and the artwork.

Other works by Bina Altera

About Bina Altera

New York, NY

Bina Altera was born 1972 in Jersey City, NJ, where she had an endless supply of vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and a view of Manhattan from her rooftop. She graduated from the Art Institute of Boston with a concentration in illustration. After graduation she began working as a commercial artist for clients such as The Atlantic Monthly and New York Times Magazine creating editorial "photo-illustration":http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/P/photo_illustration.html.

In 2002 Bina’s focus shifted to fine art and she began to search for her true form of expression. When Bina isn’t drawing and painting, she is photographing, cooking, drifting and dreaming. She also teaches classes in Continuing Education at the School of Visual Arts and has a studio in Brooklyn, NY.

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