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I have long enjoyed the educational as well as the entertainment of attending a Living History. It is a unique opportunity to see in person the history of our great nation. With the chance to touch artifacts and materials and smell the smoke of the camp fires, and food cooking. I love to capture the moments when the reenacts and their families are sharing their supper, or recounting stories of past reenactments. The opportunity to have a small taste of something that means so much, yet is often lost to the past.

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About Sheree Laskero

Dyersburg, TN

Sheree Laskero is a contemporary photographer from Chicago and studied at The Illinois institute of Art- Chicago. Inspired by her grandfather who’s love of photographic documentation of all of life’s events, big and small.
Her art speaks to the artist in us all. She can find beauty in almost anything from the more traditional picturesque landscape, a building that has long ago fallen into ruins or a close up photograph of an everyday object.

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