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Piece description from the artist

Throughout my life I have continued to observe human feelings: joy, sorrow, pain, happiness, anger and compassion in order to integrate them into my artwork. Each individual is extremely complex, and as unique as their thumb print. By intimately observing someone, I witness the simultaneous existence of emotions as revealed through their face. I approach each of my mosaics/paintings/drawings with the intention of capturing as many emotions as exist within an individual at any given moment.

Other works by Tom Robinson

About Tom Robinson

Chicago, IL

Tom Robinson — artist, curator, arts administrator, competition founder and judge, teacher, innovator — has been a driving force in the Chicago art scene for over 30 years.

Tom studied design at Ohio State University. Discharged from the Navy at age 27, he began creating and building two and three dimensional art and furniture and never looked back.In addition to creating art, Tom is also a curator and master at art installation and has done so for a wide variety of public and private clients.

Along with the other directors of "Windy City Arts":, Tom curated a show called "Flights of Imagination". A non-juried show that exhibited the work of 100 artists at Chicago's prestigious Cultural Center. The Center's Curator, "Greg Knight": refered to the display as one of the best installed shows exhibited at the Center.

See Tom's portfolio here

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