Blue Rain

Piece description from the artist

Inspired by the sunshine and happy chaos of life.

Other works by Wendy Franklin

About Wendy Franklin

Carmel, IN

Wendy Franklin never does the same thing, the same way twice. She loves to cook, but never sticks to the recipe. She believes strongly in form over function, almost every time. She can walk into her studio, dig through piles of randomness to find the perfect strand of aqua or work for hours arranging and rearranging little fibers on a piece and nearly forget to pick up the kids. She never has a plan, but always has a vision. To her, great art doesn’t need to be universally understood. If you love it, that’s enough. Her work isn’t meant to send a grand message, cure the world’s ills, or address the problems in society. It is simply to bring color and texture and form together in a way that makes people happy. She wants people to look at her pieces, fall in love, and NOT know why.

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