Blue and green

Blue and Green

Piece description from the artist

Blue and Green is presented on silver halide photographic paper which is then heat bonded to artist's canvas. Staring into the full scale fine art piece is absolutely stunning.
It's brilliance and luminance create a view like no other.

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About Leeann Greer

Lexington, KY

Leeann Greer was exposed to the world of photography at a very young age. She grew up sitting on the counter in her mother’s dark room watching and learning as her mother exposed images onto paper. She carried on these techniques as she moved to Santa Barbara, CA to attend Brooks Institute of Photography. Leeann graduated with honors with a B.A in commercial photography in 2001.

During her time at Brooks, she met the love of her life, her husband, Terry. The couple moved back home to Kentucky just after graduation and joined her mother and sister at Greer Photography in Lexington. Even though she has studied with some of the best photographers in the industry, Leeann's mother has proved to be her biggest mentor. Without her guidance, Leeann would not be where she is today.

Her love of nature, along with her passion to capture and share it's beauty with the world, is what inspires Leeann to keep moving forward.

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