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Carotenoids are a group of plant pigments (tetra-terpenes) that generate yellow, orange and red colors. Carotenoids, and associated pigments called xanthophylls, represent more than 60 pigments – each with a slightly different color. Carotenoid are energy-expensive for the tree to manufacture. Unlike chlorophylls which are only manufactured or maintained when light is present, carotenoids can be generated in the dark, as shown in those maple leaves in full color at the "Subway" hike at Zion.

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About Danilo Faria

Tucson, AZ

Danilo Faria grew up in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and developed a love for photography at a young age.

As an artist, Danilo's mission is to provide edgy, sophisticated, and artistic images, and he is committed to creating a dynamic, unique and modern look with digital photography. He loves to create texture, color, surrealism, and drama in his photographs by using contemporary post-processing and "extreme exposure".

In doing so, Danilo has explored many fields of photography with an emphasis on scenic landscapes, architecture, and panoramic images. He has also expressed and developed his love for long exposure photography, as seen on his latest work. Some of his favorite locations include Arizona, Utah, Colorado, California, New Mexico, Brazil, and New York.

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