Bishop Chess Piece

Piece description from the artist

Sometimes life feels like a chess game, the moves of each piece, the intricate lines and details attached to every move. Sometimes giving a face or identity to things can help you understand them better, this is what my chess series aims to do. It is meant to invoke thought and conscious decision.

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About Alexandra Castle

Frisco, TX

Alexandra was born and raised in Southern California. During a difficult time period as a teenager, Alexandra channeled the experience over a seven-year period to develop her unique artistic style. Born into a family where art was emphasized and appreciated, she was encouraged as a young girl to study art mediums and explore her creativity by her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. Not yet certain of her exact direction in art, Alexandra began her education at community college where she attended night classes and worked during the day. Her first catalyst to launching her art career occurred when her class artwork was selected for display in the on-campus gallery. Alexandra then successfully transferred to the University of Southern California on partial scholarship where she pursued communication and design. Just prior to graduating, Alexandra formally showcased her art for the first time at a Los Angeles based non-profit organization known as Safe Place for Youth (SPY), where her piece sold at one of the highest prices amongst hundreds of exhibitors.

Shortly thereafter, Alexandra officially launched her brand of Alexandra Castle Art. The philosophy behind Alexandra’s art is twofold: One individual line does not convey anything, and the entirety of the form cannot exist without many interdependent lines. For instance, an animal form at first glance may appear basic in nature. However, Alexandra’s art explores the minute details of every form to show how each item is interconnected, leveraging the use of the single line in concert with many others to express a multitude of interwoven details.

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