Birdseye concert

Birdseye Concert

Piece description from the artist

Party Peace often uses the Courtesy Vessels of Crown as concert stages for musical performances. During my first two years in Japan I continued drawing but I didn't paint. This painting is one of the first few paintings I did after my painting skill rebooted. For the sound waves I used a string and pencil to draw a template. I cut out the template and put it on the painting and removed some rings. Then I splattered paint with a brush.

Other works by Jeremy Zschau

About Jeremy Zschau

Boston, MA

Jeremy Ronald Zschau was born in 1983. Growing up next to Wendell State Forest in Massachusetts has heavily influenced his appreciation for Nature. Origami, ancient Egypt, aliens, orchids and bonsai were his interests during elementary school. Middle school presented him with such exquisite games such as Myst, Myth and Starcraft. Learning about China and Japan was his first education to culture and applied arts. Other adolescent influences are Trouble for Trumpets by Peter Cross, Ralph Balkshi's Wizards, Marco Patrito's Sinkha CG novel and Macross Plus because these stories present elaborate and elegant worlds. He is especially fond of moss, mushrooms, moths, fish, insects and the Protoss. The Protoss squid-like aesthetic continues to be his motif. Some works are mounted in kakejiku (Japanese wall scrolls). Please visit the artist's gallery website under "Worldsound" to view.

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