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This series explores the liminal space between past and present; the barely perceptible threshold between where a place or object goes from a tangible part of our lives to a memory. The juxtaposition of images and text act as the eye and mind: the eye struggling to still see these things as they are, while the mind begins to take over, replacing the more accurate images with words and idealizations as the present state of things slowly fades into the past.

Other works by Annie Kane O'Connor

About Annie Kane O'Connor

Boston, MA

After many years of trying to resolve the great divide between art-making and the rest of her life, Annie came to the retrospectively obvious conclusion that the only way to do so is to never separate the two in the first place. Art exists in her life every day, be it through the relational experiences she shares with students in her art room, taking part in collaborative art making processes, or working by herself in her studio.

O'Connor is driven by this idea: that art has an effect on people’s every day experiences.

Annie got her BFA in Painting at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and is now pursing her Master's Degree in Art Education. She teaches at the Medfield Memorial School and has worked on an extracurricular mural project with area teens through the Cambridge Arts Council.

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