Beth 2


Piece description from the artist

Beth Harmon is a fictional character and the main protagonist in the novel and mini series The Queen's Gambit. The mini series has inspired young women to pursue passions, chess and more, all over the world. Role models and inspirers don't necessarily have to be a person, as long as they inspire us to take a step out in the unknown.

The artwork is inspired by street art and pop art. The technique is using stencil in plastic to paint layers on layers with acrylic paint. Some layers are also screenprinted with text vaguely in the background. For example, the chess move queen's gambit and different ways to go after that.

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About Pia Lilenthal

Stockholm, Sweden

Pia Lilenthal is a contemporary street mix-media artist. She combines stencil work with multiple layers and techniques in the backgrounds. It could be watercolor, acrylic paint, screen printing, collages of stamps. Or a mix of them all. Portraits are a common motif, often women, containing multiple details in the different layers.

Her background as a graphic designer and long experience of making sketches digitally comes handy when planning compositions and different color combinations. The final artwork though, is always made by hand.

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