Benson Breeze

Piece description from the artist

The iconic Benson Bubblers of Portland, Oregon.

Other works by Peter C. Blanchard

About Peter C. Blanchard

Portland, OR

Peter C. Blanchard is a nature and landscape photographer with a commitment to using his art to bring relief to those who are suffering. Peter specializes in providing art that aligns with Evidence-Based Art research for healthcare environments. This research demonstrates that viewing imagery with specific elements can have powerful benefits such as reducing anxiety, lowering blood pressure, relieving physical pain, and even shortening hospital stays. In addition to the many individual benefits, there can also be economic benefits related to improved employee satisfaction and higher ratings from clients.

By aligning his work with Evidence-Based Art research, Peter seeks to take his photography beyond simple beauty, turning it into a powerful force for positive change in the world. His latest project, the Healing Art Cart, gives long-term hospital patients the opportunity to choose artwork for their own hospital rooms. Visit to learn more.

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