Being of non being

Being of Non-being

Piece description from the artist

Where does Being start and Non-being end? The couch? We realize being through Being and non-being through the absence of Being. But what is absence? Does it really make the heart grow fonder, or just colder? Can we experience Non-being while we are Being itself? Back to the couch for you! Deeper analysis is in order.

Other works by Daav Corbet

About Daav Corbet

Stoughton, WI

Daav Corbet finds that he is a spiritual being and that, in exploring the inexpressible, images and symbols provide more clarity than words. His artwork derives from the spiritual life and from the world of nature.

Many of his works are landscapes or abstractions thereof. Nature grounds his art in reality; the beauty of its myriad forms -flora and fauna, sky meeting horizon, clouds touching sun – are all his muse.

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