Bee aware

Bee Aware

Piece description from the artist

Painted from a photo of my cat. I captured that moment when she is completely focused on something. The honey bee in the image is what has captured her attention.

Other works by Sherry Shipley

About Sherry Shipley

Mount Vernon, WA

Growing up in the shadow of the Cascades, the beauty of the Pacific Northwest inspired Sherry Shipley's love of nature and wildlife. Trips to the mountains have supplied a stunning and endless backdrop for her wildlife subjects which she has been painting for over 40 years. She attended the Art Institute of Seattle where she graduated with honors with a degree in Visual Communications. Shipley went on to produce art for magazines, newspapers and television, but her background in the fine arts and desire to paint animals called her back to doing what she always loved. Her style is colorful and visually fun to look at. The colors flow and dance across the picture. Her style is unique and her work has been shown in galleries from Seattle to New York.

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