Beautiful decay

Beautiful Decay

Piece description from the artist

What makes art is the combination of both tradition and rebellion against it. Contemporary artists who truly understand the language of painting can bridge this paradox. The language of painting is essentially the language of poetry. They both use symbols and metaphors to create unusual and vivid imagery. These arts lay bare the inner structure of our reality. They expose our strengths, faults, and weaknesses.

This is a TurningArt exclusive limited edition print available in editions of 100.

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About Anne Clinton

Howard Beach, NY

Anne Clinton attempts to explore art making as a concept in her work. Though painting, drawing and sculpture have always been fallen into the category of art, Anne believes that the concept of art is just as relevant as the medium. With this in mind, Anne uses a variety of media to examine the relationship between a piece and its physical presentation.

Anne's artwork also often deals with the human condition, specifically themes of weakness, the subconscious, menstruation and decay. As a result, color (or lack thereof) has become a very important part of her work as she uses subtlety to approach intense and emotional content.

Anne currently lives and works in Howard Beach, New York.

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