Banja Luka

Piece description from the artist

My paintings can be categorized as abstract, but with a reference to realism. The subjects come from magazines and newspapers and this subject matter allows me to portray the contemporary world as I see it.

The grid flows spontaneously and freely over the surface of the canvas, with lines of specific dimensions related to the size of the canvas. The lines, as they flow, tell a story- a real story. You can look inside these lines and follow to the next intersection, and something realistic appears.

You can stop and actually see what it is, then continue on to the next stop and something else will appear. Looking at my paintings from a distance the overall grid pattern is abstract but looking at them close up you can see very realistic forms inside.

I would define my work as Hyper-Realistic Abstractions.

Other works by John Gentile

About John Gentile

Lynnfield, MA

John Gentile was born and raised in Italy where he worked as a commercial artist. He returned to painting full-time in 1972 and is represented in numerous private collections in North and South America, as well as Europe.

Gentile’s Italian academic education and subsequent American creative influences provide many layers in his work; the mixed stylistic and expressive qualities of this Italian and American artist are revealed in the sharpened use of warm and expressive color, evocative of the Mediterranean region.

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