Piece description from the artist

Fruit resting atop some olives

This piece simply reflects my love of these objects in dramatic light. I put the fruit on top just to mix it up a bit. All my realistic pieces have the same objective: to show the beauty of what I am observing.

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About Nicole Alger

New York, NY

Nicole Alger is a classically trained realist painter, living in New York City. Nicole graduated with a B.A. from Duke University. Her artistic training was at L'Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris and at The Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy, under the tutelage of Daniel Graves. During the first ten years after art school, she focused on the traditional genres of still life, portraiture and landscapes. The vast majority of her work was commissioned and sold privately.

Over the last five years, while taking care of her kids, she has shifted to more imaginative, narrative work inspired stylistically by fine artists such as "Degas": and "Klimt":, as well as countless European masters from the Renaissance and religious imagery from painters of the "Neo-Classical": to "Post-Impressionistic": era. She is also influenced by Buddhist ideas, Greek mythology and the Indian chakra system. In the years to come Nicole hopes she can continue to mine her inner life for painting ideas.

Also, Nicole's paintings were featured in the movie 'Practical Magic' and also in an article on the home of a client, in Architectural Digest.

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