Astoria corner

Astoria Corner

Piece description from the artist

This building is on the corner of Astoria Boulevard and 21st Street in my little neighborhood in Queens, NY. It houses a Chinese restaurant and an organic grocery and sits across from the neighborhood Islamic Community Center. I was immediately in love with the feel of its architecture as soon as I discovered it.

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About Brenda Willis

Nyc And Kansas City, MO

Brenda Willis has had a long relationship with photography. Her father was fond of it, and she grew up around bottles of developer, boxes of photo paper and darkroom equipment. By the age of sixteen, her curiosity moved her to began shooting her own photos with her father’s old 35mm camera. She gained a new outlook on life once she started viewing it through the lens of that camera.

Later, Brenda moved to New York where she used her sense of photographic perspective to explore and get to know her new city. Finding inspiration in unexpected nuances of her new urban surroundings, she has been mostly drawn to subtle aspects of daily life with her motto of "capturing life as I live it!" She has a unique eye for and a fresh perspective on all things ordinary, and she enjoys discovering new ways to highlight the small joys in life.

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