Piece description from the artist

When you lie down on the forest floor in early spring, before the leaves have come out, you can observe these beautiful little forest anemones. Sometimes they grow like a carpet on the forest floor. They stretch their thin stems and delicate flowers towards the warming spring sun. This photo was taken in southern Sweden. The original is printed on canvas, with the image wrapped around the edges (2 inches).

Other works by Anneli Schalock

About Anneli Schalock

Simrishamn, Sweden

You will find Anneli Schalock under The word "spectoccasio" means “observing the perfect moment”, reflecting the role and philosophy of the photographer. As a photographer, Anneli often observes life through her camera. Her passion is capturing those special moments – involving people, places and nature. When not taking portraits, you will find her walking, squatting and crawling around outdoors with her camera, observing grand landscapes as well as the beauty of the details in nature.

She believes the best pictures are those taken in natural light, preferably outdoors either in the early morning or in the afternoon before sunset. Some moments are best captured as black & white images, while others should be remembered in color. After taking photos, she only does minimal processing on the computer to ensure that the digital images reflect the true colors, light & contrast.

Anneli has won several photo awards, including one by B&W Magazine.

See Anneli's portfolio here

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