Artificial paradise extended

Artificial Paradise extended

Piece description from the artist

This colorful and surreal piece was originally produced for a record sleeve design. I had already produced the groups first CD cover and they wanted to continue with the red color scheme. When I am commissioned to produce a record cover I am often given a tape of some of the groups, musicians songs which provides me with a flavour and direction to work towards. In this case the lyrics of the CD title song gave me a good idea. When I have produced paintings and designs for record companies and groups I often am asked to design logos, namestyles and T-Shirt designs. Sometimes my art has been used for stage backdrops.

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About Gerald Newton

Newport, United Kingdom

In childhood, at home, school or art college Gerald excelled in art and related subjects. His fascination with the natural world and the universe began in those early days and has continued ever since. Before becoming a full time freelance artist he gained experience in printing and publishing and for a few years worked as a poster, graphic artist. But he always found time to take on private commissions, exhibit, and develop his painting skills and style. After another two years at art college in the early 1990's Gerald became a freelance artist, illustrator, and designer and worked for a variety of clients in publishing, marketing, and the music industry. Etcetera. Gerald is proud of everything he has done but still feels a great sense of achievement when he sees his work published and printed on a book cover, a record cover, a jigsaw puzzle Etcetera. Today Gerald combines his traditional drawing, painting, and digital skills to produce his colorful and detailed scenes. Bringing to life his visions of worlds he imagines.

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