Arapaho nation flag

Arapaho Nation Flag

Piece description from the artist

The ancestors of the Arapaho people entered the Great Plains from the western Great Lakes region sometime before 1700. During their early history on the plains, the Arapaho lived on the northern plains from the South Saskatchewan River in Canada south to Montana, Wyoming, and western South Dakota. Before the Arapaho acquired horses, they used domestic dogs as pack animals to pull their travois. The Arapaho acquired horses in the early 1700s from other tribes, which changed their way of life. They became a nomadic people, using the horses as pack and riding animals. They could transport greater loads, and travel more easily by horseback to hunt more easily and widely, increasing their success in hunting on the Plains. Source Wikipedia 2020

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About Bruce Stanfield

Sudbury, On, Canada

New Zealand born, Bruce has had a number of creative endeavors, including music, photography, writing and automobile customizing. Painting has always been a mainstay throughout his life.
Stanfield was a musician in his early twenties, playing in garage bands and recording local bands for a record label he co-founded called “Suicide city”. In his late twenties and early thirties he was an award winning photographer, with Hamilton city’s largest “drive in” studio focusing on commercial and industrial work. Later he wrote articles and supplied photographs to national and international magazines. In his mid thirties Bruce worked on cruise ships as an entertainer and host. He now is a professional actor and full time artist

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