Aqueous 2


Piece description from the artist

This piece went through so many layers and looked different along the way. I wanted to evoke the layers found in nature and if you look closely you can see a fibonacci sequence peeking through. There are many layers of experimentation where I was trying new things. For example, the first layer has some pink acrylic skins! In the final layer, I was frustrated and threw some paint in pouring medium and put all my might into flinging it on to the panel and in a moment a said yes! It is finished! It was just what it needed!

Other works by Colleen Gianatiempo

About Colleen Gianatiempo

St. George, UT

Colleen Gianatiempo is a mixed media artist, educator, and designer living and working in her new location in St. George, Utah.

Colleen’s journey as an artist began when she was 3 years old. She remembers cutting up family photos and drawing on walls with lipstick. She learned early on that it’s possible to express the world around her in different ways and this is where Colleen’s passion began.

Colleen approaches life the same way she paints, by embracing the mystery, staying open to change, finding courage, honoring her intuition and trusting the journey. This mindset has enable her colorful, layered, contemporary, and distinctive style to emerge. Nature is her main influence as she always marvels about the design and beauty it beholds. She works in many mediums and thrives most when she can experiment and discover new techniques. Colleen has been told that she is the Mary Poppins of art supplies!

In 2017, Colleen earned an MFA in Non-Figurative abstract painting from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. As her formal art career developed, she has been privileged to be selected for several heart-themed public art projects including Hearts of San Francisco, The Heart of Sonoma, The American Backyard (city of Dublin, CA), Sea Lions of San Francisco, and Small Town with A Big Heart Mural in Martinez. This has given her the reputation as “the Artist with a Heart”.

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