Apollo nyc retro 2

Apollo NYC Retro

Piece description from the artist

Since opening in 1914, the Apollo Theater in Harlem has played a major role in the emergence of jazz, swing, bebop, R&B, gospel, blues, and soul in the United States.
NYC culture is undeniably connected to its showbiz and music scene. The Apollo Theater in Harlem is the ultimate representation for much of NYC music's history and happenings. It embodies the ups and downs that are part of living in NYC with a rich history of successions of launched superstar performers’ careers mingling with starry-eyed amateurs’ hopes and dreams. In my paintings, I highlight the sense of the rawness that is part of the showbiz world and the way time stands still for those who hang on to a dream and drive it forward.

Mixed technique, limited edition.

Other works by Batya Kuncman

About Batya Kuncman

New York, NY

Batya is a multidisciplinary artist working in a range of mediums that include painting, drawing, photography, video and digital technology. Batya’s conceptual ideas are derived from color experimentation as it relates to contemporary subjects. Influenced by the impressionists, Les Nabis, Josef Albers, and Andi Warhol, Batya is interested in extending the impact of color expression to painting with digital technology.

She has been exhibited internationally, most notably at the Museum of Modern Art of Taluca, Mexico, Haun Tie Art Museum in Beijing, China, Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art, and The Jerusalem Biennale 2015, Israel. She has worked on projects for private and commercial clients such as the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital in New York and the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles.

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