And so it begins

And So It Begins

Piece description from the artist

"And so it begins…" is to date my pinnacle creation in this ongoing bio-abstract series. This series is now at about 11-12 works to date and still growing. The story behind the creation of this particular work is a pretty interesting one. The exact vision you see below came to me very vividly in a dream in the night. One afternoon, after I had just finished installing a work at a patrons home (as it were, another bio-abstract), I began thinking about potential future works for this series. This particular patron and I spoke at some length that day about many of my works from this series. Probably even more specifically (and more relevant to the creation of this new piece), we discussed our thoughts on the creation of life. We spoke about our fascination in "the beginning" of all things, and also, to a degree, about its eventual end. I slept that night thinking about this conversation, especially the genesis aspect. That night, I had a very vivid dream. That dream is depicted exactly as you see it below. "And so it begins…" is my dream inspired creation pertaining to the beginning of all life. It is an abstracted representation of two subatomic particles, frozen in time, and in direct position to collide. By most modern physics standards, this refers to the "Big Bang Theory" and then to the start of life as we know it. There are many, many fascinating aspects to this work; a.) I completed it to the exacting representational standards of my dream. b.) The piece is composed of over 22 layers of mixed media and pigmentation. c.) The work contains 3D aspects and infinite levels of dimensionality and life. d.) Many, many hours of work resulted in interconnecting, life emanating color pockets. e.) 55+ hours of labor (of love) were spent working on the piece. Result for the viewer: 1.) The viewer experiences the ultra-dynamic nature of "the overall" and the power purveyed in the entirety of the piece's construction. 2.) The massive color palette, texture, and topography used to create this amazing composition create a satifying result for the viewer. 3.) The movement of color and material throughout the work makes the piece come alive, and give greater connection to its purpose for the viewer. 4.) The viewer experiences the very nature and spirit of the pieces inception, and the essence it purveys of life and all things grand.

Other works by Matthew Zedler

About Matthew Zedler

Greenville, SC

"Modern, Modern Advanced, & High Art Painter || Artist" Matthew Zedler

Being from a European family (German || Swiss || French), I came into this world surrounded by people with great passions (and careers) in the fine arts. Given my surrounding family, I was able to discover the importance of movements like the "Bauhaus" and other modern and metaphysical art theory early on. I am passionate about working from and evolving these wonderful art theories and equally creating brand new art forms.

As you peruse some of my artwork today, please keep in mind that this is but a snapshot of the over 3,500 paintings and sketches completed since the late 1990's. You will quickly notice a wide range of art styles and deliveries. This is due to several decades of study and delivery in multiple modern classic, modern evolved, and high-art delivery forms. More than anything else, it is my desire to show you a snapshot of my an innate ability to devise, extract, and create virtually anything I can visualize in my mind.

Modern to Contemporary Art Repertoire: 

Linear-Geometric Composition & Abstraction 
Color Field Painting & Linear-Geometric Advanced Color Fields
Modern | Avant-Garde Figuratives
Abstract Expressive Art
Biological & Science Based Abstraction
Creation of Multiple New Modern Art Forms

Formal Training and Mentoring:

30+ years of hands-on mentoring || guidance from a lifetime "European Master Painter & Artist"
10+ Years of Bauhaus || Monmartre || Montparnasse || 1950's New York School Theoretical Study
10,000+ Studio work hours (Since 1997)
Over 60 shows || Installations (Since 2005)
Over 3,000 Finished works || Paintings & sketches (since 1999)
Academic training from: U.W. || U.T. || Arrowmont School of Arts
Youth academic training || Competition || Awards in 3D art
In collections throughout the U.S.A. and abroad

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