American boom

American Boom

Piece description from the artist

The first of all my boom box paintings, this painting was done while listening to AC/DC and feeling a lot of pride for myself and those around me.

Other works by Alexandria Tava

About Alexandria Tava

Hoboken, NJ

Alexandria Tava is a multidimensional talent in art, music, and fashion. Starting with "Galaxy of Graphics": In 2010, Tava used her painting skills through pop art images influenced particularly by her musical side.

After her father introduced her to "Peter Max":, the two began to experiment with black light paint, neon colors, pen and ink, to create powerful statement images that resembled some of the artwork during the 1960's.
Alexandria believes art and music fuse into one another, and the work presented shows an example of confident projection of that reflection.

After studying at Berklee College of Music, Alexandria made a name for herself as Boston's leading female DJ and vocalist known as DJ Tava Luv. Currently, Alexandria is working to package herself not only as a DJ.. for fashion, lounges, and clubs, but also as an innovative commercial pop artist.

Today, Alexandria Tava lives and works in San Diego.

See Alexandria 's portfolio here

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