America for sale

America for Sale

Piece description from the artist

I've currently been working within the theme of repetition, which allows me to take on many different genres of picture making. I find myself being drawn to man made vessels as the focus of these objects. I grew up in a hunting culture, so balancing my beliefs about what guns represent as well as being a member of an ever changing sociopolitical landscape where the media and the lobbyists seem to pit members of society against each other has been a difficult place to navigate. I have gone to some gun shows, and what struck me was that on one table you had these revolutionary era war muskets for sale, while on the very next table you could purchase a military grade assault weapon with extended magazines and sound suppressors. They both represent America. The old one, versus the new one, but its all for sale?

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About Benjamin Ferry

Washington, DC

Ben Ferry is a former high school and college all-American soccer player who grew up in Washington, D.C.. After being drafted by "D.C. United":, he played professionally for three years before a major spinal injury forced him to retire.

In his work, Ben focuses on the human figure, landscapes, cityscapes, and animals in a variety of media and styles. His paintings are vibrant, playful and unconventional, often featuring bright, saturated color and imaginative subject matter. Ben received both his B.A. and M.F.A. in painting and drawing from George Washington University and still lives in D.C., where he teaches painting and drawing at Georgetown University and George Mason University.

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