Alive ocean seascape

Alive Ocean Seascape

Piece description from the artist

This painting makes me feel alive!

There are so many moving parts, but among the chaos of the moving water each area has a stillness and beauty all its own. It amazes me how many forms water takes as it churns and spills over onto itself. There are so many fascinating glowing colors and shapes all forming and disappearing in just one little flashing moment…

Bring this powerful energy into your life!

Other works by Julie Kluh

About Julie Kluh

Olympia, WA

Oil painter Julie Kluh lived on her sailboat traveling the world for a decade. Having spent so much time at sea, she was continuously inspired and moved by the beauty of the ocean. With a deep soul calling to paint she returned to land to share her gift and experience in vibrant color.

Julie's art captures the movement and light within and beyond the human form reflected in the ever-changing ocean. She captures the power, harmony, and aliveness felt in the natural environment of living water that relates to so many of us.

Julie studied art at the University of Washington and now resides in Olympia, WA where she paints from her bay-side studio.

Julie has developed her own unique visual style and fused it with a distinctly peaceful nuance. Her paintings invite us to dive in and feel the essence of what unites us.

See Julie's portfolio here

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