Albany 4d

Albany 4D

Piece description from the artist

Collection: Albany, New York

These photos are all part of my Fine Art "4D" series. 4D is what I call a digital manipulation process in which I blend hundreds of exposures from different times of day into one surreal composite. This meticulous and technical blending technique enables viewers to visualize the fourth dimension compressed into a two-dimensional image. The result is a fusion of ambient and artificial light that could never simultaneously coexist, creating a completely unique and unfamiliar image. My goal is to capture familiar places but present them in an unfamiliar way. My subjects include iconic cities and architecture from around the world. For more information visit

This image is naturally a 2×3 ratio but can be cropped to 3×4. Please crop perfectly centered.
This image is available at any size or material, including paper, metal, or canvas prints.
This image is also available in Black and White

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About Alex Nye

Escondido, CA

Alex Nye is an award-winning fine art and architectural photographer. 

Alex grew up in a country home in upstate New York. Without cable television or easy access to the outside world, He and his older brother Adam spent much of their childhood outdoors. Alex became very interested in art at a young age despite being surrounded by a family of scientists. His creative passions led him to attend SUNY New Paltz to formally study graphic design, filmmaking and photography. After finishing his Visual Arts degree in 2013, he drove across the country to start fresh & pursue a professional career in California.

Since then, he’s won dozens of awards for his photography in both national and international competitions, exhibited artwork in galleries on both the east and west coast, and sold hundreds (if not thousands) of prints to corporate offices, museums, and private collectors. Alex has experience creating ultra high resolution imagery for large format printing. He frequently licenses his artwork for commercial and tourism applications, including to Lexus, Hilton, Visit San Diego, Santa Barbara, and the National Park Service just to name a few. 

In the AEC industry, he is commissioned by architects, designers, engineers and contractors to showcase their projects of the built environment. In 2023, Alex was the only photographer from the USA to be shortlisted in the Early Career & Emerging Talent award from the Architectural Photography Almanac. In Addition, he’s a federally certified drone pilot, filmmaker, and owner of a video production company called Prismedia LLC

Alex has a relentless commitment to quality. He considers every image an independent work of art, and has an obsessive attention to detail. He's well known for his timelapse art, and for his "4D Photography" series in which he blends multiple times of day together into a dramatic hero shot.

He currently lives in San Diego with two feisty felines, a husky pup, and his brilliant wife Erin who works as a Biochemist in Sorrento Valley. They both enjoy active lifestyles in their free time, with activities including rock climbing, yoga, and gymnastics. Fun Fact; he also competes on American Ninja Warrior!

See Alex's portfolio here

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