Acqua alta venice italy

Acqua alta- Venice, Italy

Piece description from the artist

The inspiration of this piece was a photograph snapped by my boyfriend in Venice, Italy- he is a folk musician and was on a European tour at the time. It was high tide in Venice, known as “acqua alta”, which submerges portions of the city during the Winter. He had to wear knee-high rain boots to the opera.

Umbrellas are one of my favorite things to paint. I love the shape, the shadows, the wide variety of color options that are logical to portray them in. Both in art and in actual life, they help brighten up a dreary day.

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About Heidi Keyes

Denver, CO

Heidi Keyes is a traveling artist currently living in Denver, Colorado. She received her B.F.A. in studio art from Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin, after transferring from a college in California. During her undergraduate studies, she focused on highly detailed graphite and pencil drawings. Eventually she became frustrated with this technique; her creativity waned, and making art began to feel like a chore. As a result, in a fit of liberation, she started experimenting with wildly gestural painting, using connected exterior lines and brilliant, exciting colors.

After graduating in 2009, Heidi became an international flight attendant for a charter airline company and was immediately whisked off to many countries around the globe. Experiencing new cultures and places inspired her to begin painting landscapes and cityscapes, whereas her primary subject had been the human figure. Now her main focus is capturing weird and wonderful places around the world, and the everyday people who call them home.

After two years of traveling to the strangest corners of the earth with her brushes and paints, Heidi has settled down in Denver. She paints daily, travels often, and is an internationally exhibited and collected artist.

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