Abstracted peony

Abstracted Peony

Piece description from the artist

The original of this painting is in a private home, but prints are available for purchase.

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About Kathryn Crawford

Asheville, NC

Kathryn grew up in an old farmhouse in New England, where she spent her childhood exploring her love of art, from raiding her father's art supplies to taking advanced placement high school classes. In college, Kathryn traveled to Florence, Italy to study art at the Florence University of the Arts. She graduated with a BFA from the University of Tampa in 2011. Since then, Kathryn has been a working studio artist and muralist in North Carolina, exhibiting her work nationally.

She currently works primarily in aerosol and acrylics, creating either large-scale murals on walls, or studio paintings on canvas or animal skulls. She has murals all over the country including numerous in North Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee. Her work on animal skulls has sparked the interest of many and has earned her numerous commissions for private collectors and public art projects.

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