Abstract #1

Piece description from the artist

Taking cues from the cool color palette of Cape Ann, Massachusetts, this abstract attempts to reinvent the classic sea scene. An unfamiliar image, yet the collision of soil, sand, water, sky and cloud is wholly represented. This piece carries with it the traditional moral dimension of the unknown, as the vast blue Atlantic stares back at the viewer—and at our ancestors—promising at the risk of peril, opportunity, bounty, freedom and adventure.

Other works by Matthew Brown

About Matthew Brown

Danvers, MA

Photography is never about learning to use a camera; but rather, learning how to see.

Though the photographs themselves may not reflect it, influences in style come from the mid-century modern era of design. This clean, sleek and efficient philosophy is what drives his work.

In addition, Matthew David Brown's 25+ year music career has also spawned a tremendous amount of enthusiasm in his work, and much like music, everything is about composition in his photography. David tries to use a minimal amount of post-processing in order to maintain the original spirit of the piece.

Candid moments, no matter how small and insignificant, are what drives him. The little things in life—and the overall vision—should drive you, as well.

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