Abraham and the herculean peptide

Abraham and the Herculean Peptide

Piece description from the artist

Abraham and the Herculean Peptide, painted by Nicholas Hartman. This piece was made in August 2010. It is a shining example of his style of abstract form perception. As the painting is observed one will notice that it engages the viewers mind to assemble the imagery its self. In fact, there is no actual imagery in the painting. The high level of detail and exacting placement of every brushstroke forces the observers mind to begin relating the shapes within the painting to notions of his/ her subconscious preference. The tittle of the work has relevance to Nicholas' interpretation of its contents. As with every painting of his, the tittle is as crucial a part of the artwork as the paint.

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About Nicholas Hartman

Westlake, OH

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Nicholas Hartrman medium oil on canvas. His style of abstract art he calls l'audase.

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