A walk by the lake

A Walk by the Lake

Piece description from the artist

Geese and goslings walking among iris along a lake in springtime. Based on a typical scene at Lake Tomlinson in Northern West Virginia. This is the result of studies Mary executes while she sits in her husband's bass boat during his excursions to lakes in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio. This painting was completed, working wet on wet, in the artist's West Virginia studio.

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About Mary Keenan

Weirton, WV

Mary Keenan grew up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where she discovered a love for art in her early teens. Though she is mostly self-taught, Mary took art classes while in high school and during her graduate and post-graduate education. Although she ultimately pursued a career in healthcare administration and education, Mary was forced into early retirement after a disabling injury and she has been devoted to art-making ever since.

Mary's work has been exhibited and recognized in regional shows throughout northern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. She expresses herself primarily in acrylic and oil paints, with a focus on rural subject matter and people. In her paintings, Mary concentrates on using color and light to captivate the viewer.

Today, Mary lives and works in Weirton, West Virginia.

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