Hole in the River

Piece description from the artist

A Hole in the River is from a photographic series of in-camera multiple exposures, organized in sequences, contesting the separation of memory and actual experience in association with the loss in death of parents, loved ones and friends.  Through the correlation between shape & line, contrast & color, clarity of detail & obscurity of focus—an intense personal dialogue is created. Common landscape forms are deconstructed by this process of layering multiple image captures in one singular exposure and re-assembled by their new relationships of pattern, texture & form. Immutable elements like earth, air and water are reimagined as one continuum, blurring the perception of separation between existence and the memory of it. Each photograph in the series was made as a single, in-camera multiple exposure image, with three or more separate elements (subject, exposure, focus, composition) playing a role in the final piece.
Each element in the photographs was constructed with an intent: pre-visualized and executed with a purpose of feeling or conveyance of allegory; a concentrated, mechanized effort to shape a visual poetry.

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About Bradley Hart

Akron, OH

Bradley Hart is a commercial and fine art photographer specializing in architectural, landscape and still life photography with local and national accounts. His education in photographic illustration at Kent State University and a 25 year career in advertising photography engages and informs his art. Influenced by visionaries like Paul Strand and Minor White, his images are illustrations of beauty, thought and hope. Photographs by Bradley are icons of the spirit, revealing the connections between his subjects, himself and the intangible fabric of the Universe.
He is represented by Grayhaus Studios in Cleveland, Ohio and SOHO-MYRIAD Art Consulting in Atlanta, Georgia. His studio is in Summit Art Space; he lives in Kent, Ohio.

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