A Distant Roar

Piece description from the artist

A painting from an on going series that plays on the relationship of nature and the human form. Basically a contemporary take on the Mucha/Parrish era of painting where there's an innocents tied with nudity and nature is an beautiful fantasy that we can never quite reach.

Other works by Martyna Alexander

About Martyna Alexander

Detroit, MI

Martyna is a Detroit-based artist and designer that loves exploring the relationships of color and how they relate to our emotions, logic, impression, and seemingly unrelated ideas in our world. She’s excited by juxtaposed opposites and how we deal with tensions – both visually and within lifestyles. When she’s not staring at one of many screens she’s exploring forests and grass fields or picking up trash. It’s really important to her that we try to do everything we can to understand and protect the environment and be kind to people and animals.

You can also hear announcements about art shows and new work on Instagram @martyna_alexander

See Martyna's portfolio here

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