Nude (Orb 94)

Piece description from the artist

With the Orb Series, I wanted to create images that explore infinite possibilities. Nothing excites me more than ideas – variations, slight and grand. This series allows me to create infinite variations on a simple shape – the orb. I do this because I am intrigued in the complex nature of things. What initially appears to the eye is only one perspective. But with each variation that I create, another perspective is revealed. Each perspective reveals a new thought, new thoughts lead to new feelings. Each image then becomes a new path to explore. The collection is then a visual map of my exploration, and my camera is the vehicle to carry me along my journey.

Other works by Amanda Lomax

About Amanda Lomax

Nashville, TN

Born in Nashville, TN in 1979, American artist Amanda Lomax lives and works in Nashville, TN and Sandgate, UK. Ms. Lomax holds a cum laude degree in Communications from Boston University, completing coursework in Darkroom and digital photography. She was selected as a Teaching Assistant at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops and Maine Media College, and spent several summers learning from renowned photographers: Cig Harvey, Joyce Tenneson, Keith Carter, Aline Simpson and Susan Burnstine. She is a recipient of the 2020 TriStar Arts Award and a graduate of the Periscope Arts Program.

Her work uses digital photography and technology to manifest abstract ideas into tangible pieces of art. She refers to this process as 'Photographic Techspressionism’. This process allows her to play with the boundaries between photography and digital art, drawing inspiration from organic landscapes and her emotional response to these subjects. She is deeply influenced by the work of Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman and Josef Albers. Color is fundamental as she relies on it to produce a heightened emotional and visual experience for the viewer.

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