1987 4


Piece description from the artist

This series of work is based on memories. A shape is applied over an existing shape, which is then covered or obscured by another shape. Much like a recent event is fresh in your mind and reigns over every moment that came before it, but it will eventually start to get relegated further and further into a past memory. To the point where it completely disappears, or only a sliver of it remains.

Other works by Pete Sack

About Pete Sack

Raleigh, NC

Pete Sack is a Raleigh-based professional artist known for his multifaceted portraits
and abstract paintings evoke feelings of familiarity in human expression.
Pete’s current work comprises both abstract and figurative pieces. Each allows for a
different expression of himself. His abstracts are about flow, both mechanically and
emotionally. His figurative and portrait work combine multiple faces and abstraction, giving the work a richer, more complex feel.

See Pete's portfolio here

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