“1982: War On 'Drugs' Declared”

Piece description from the artist

“1982: War On 'Drugs' Declared”

One of one painting from The Story Of “US” pop-up art show for Black History Month on 2/25/2023 at The Muse on Blue Hill Ave in Grove Hall Boston.

Over the last few years history has been under attack, especially black history which is American history.

These paintings represent “stamps in time” that can never be taken away, the good fight continues…

24 × 30 inches – Oil Based Acrylic Paint

CBS-Boston: Story Of “US” Feature 3/5/2023:



Other works by George Freeman

About George Freeman

Boston, MA

George Freeman is a self taught artist from Boston, MA that creates "fine street art" based on the black experience in America.

Since he was born in the late 80's, grew up in the 90's and really came of age in the 00's all while living in Dorchester and spending much time in other city neighborhoods like Roxbury and Mattapan; Hip-Hop culture, street art and current events of the time were major influences on him.

Today, George focuses his art on shedding light on the trailblazers and issues facing people of color since they've come to America. All while leveraging a unique street style he and a close childhood friend developed before that friend passed away in high school.

Creating opportunities for the next generation is big for George, so he donates a portion of his proceeds to non-profits that benefit kids in the Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan neighborhoods of Boston.

His work during the pandemic and up to now has got him featured on CBS Boston: https://www.cbsnews.com/boston/news/street2canvas-stamps-the-story-of-us-george-freeman/

See George's portfolio here

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