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TurningArt Reviews From Our Artists

"I truly enjoy working with TurningArt. We have been able to do some amazing projects, including large wall murals in office buildings. I was so impressed with their ability to make clients and artists happy at the same time. I've been able to see my audience expand, especially in the cities that reflect my artwork. They work very hard and are always available when needed. I always feel supported and encouraged, it's a pleasure working with them."

"My experience with TurningArt has exceeded all my expectations. There are many sites that claim to help artists find an audience, but TurningArt is the only one of several I’ve tried that has fulfilled their promise. My work has been seen by many people who might never have found it otherwise, and chosen for display in homes and offices. The staff has been unfailingly helpful, and payments are always received regularly and on time. The artist interface on the site makes listing new pieces and managing prior listings easy." 

“TurningArt offers an amazing platform for visual artists; the website is easy to use and the prints created from the artwork files are very high quality. I have been using TurningArt for several years now and have seen a steady profit coming in each month from the rental & sale of my work. In addition to offering these great services, the staff at TurningArt has been terrific! They are easy to work with and treat their artists with respect and admiration. If you are an artist who is interested in having your work displayed in corporate settings, or want to reach a broader audience, TurningArt is a great service to consider!”

"TurningArt is simply the best. In a market saturated with the same repetitive, and small income earning sites, this site is a breath of fresh air.  Not only is the concept original, but they truly make you feel appreciated as an individual artist and cater to artists fantastically.  In addition, their artist dashboard and uploading instructions are the easiest and most user friendly I've seen. Since joining my works have reached all sorts of new audiences and I couldn't be happier."

"TurningArt has been a wonderful way to connect with art buyers who I would otherwise not be able to reach.  The operation is efficient, well designed, and easy to use.  They provide the infrastructure, so all artists have to do is upload images and a bio, and then TurningArt does the rest!  The TurningArt team is most friendly, professional and helpful, and I have been very pleased with the results."

"I've been working with TurningArt as an artist since early 2012. They have sold reproductions and originals of my work, as well as the normal monthly rentals of prints. I have received payment every month on time without fail. They have an incredible staff and I look forward to working with them for many more years!"

"TurningArt is a great concept, which permits people to acquire works of art in different genres in an easy, stress-free fashion. In addition, they treat participating artists with respect and honesty. Their payment method is efficient and hassle free. I've been one of their artists for many years and look forward to many more."

"My experience with TurningArt has been great! Everyone has been so professional and accommodating whenever I have needed or asked for anything. To have your work be so accessible to such a wide ranging audience is what all artists dream of."

"I’ve worked with a number of websites and services that promise to help artists gain exposure, sell prints, and sell original work online. TurningArt is unique because they actually deliver exposure that I can track and measure, AND that exposure translates into a reliable stream of income. Other sites promise this, but then try to suck the artists into a time sink of frenetic social marketing activity. TurningArt delivers income and exposure, and leaves my time free so I can continue creating. Together with intuitive search tools and common sense approaches for artists to maintain exposure, TurningArt has created a vibrant and very viable platform for Independent Artists."

"I consider TurningArt one of the many facets of my art career. The residual income each month is great, as well as the occasional commission or original sale. The staff are fabulous to work with, and I foresee myself continuing to grow with TurningArt as their company itself grows over the years."

"My experience with TurningArt has been terrific. They are true champions of the emerging and established artist, delivering great opportunities to earn real revenue on both originals and prints. I have always been paid fairly and on time, and their service is completely free for me. Their team is professional and provides great support, I would highly recommend working with them to any artist interested."