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What Is TurningArt?

TurningArt is a new take on how and when people experience your artwork. Members try reproductions of your artwork in their home, and every dollar they spend on the service is banked as ArtCredit which can be used towards the purchase of original artwork or prints.

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What Are The Benefits to Artists?

A Whole New Audience

Your work will be available to thousands of TurningArt Members from all over the United States, who are looking to discover new art in their home.

Transparency & Reporting

Wondering how your work is doing on TurningArt? You can login to your Artist Dashboard to find out which pieces are being viewed, taken home, and purchased the most.

Earn Money Three Ways

There are multiple ways for you to profit from your work.

  • Royalties when one of your prints is in someone’s home
  • A fair cut of the revenue from any prints sold on the site
  • An even bigger share of the revenue from original sales through TurningArt

Memberships For Your Friends and Followers

Artists receive complimentary TurningArt memberships to give away. Use these to get your work out in the world and stay connected to fans and friends. They can try your pieces at home for free and you’ll get paid for it!

You Create. We Do The Work

Using the high-resolution images you provide us, we get your work up on the website so our Members can discover it. When someone requests a piece at home or buys a print, we take care of all the printing, packaging and shipping.

Your Artist Team

Our Artist Team is ready to help with anything you may need, so never hesitate to be in touch. We’re artists ourselves, and we’re dedicated to your happiness and success.

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How It All Works

Artists submit work to TurningArt

Our team reviews the pieces and gets your work published on the site.

Each month, Members pay a fee to enjoy art at home, and you receive royalties when one of your prints is out with a Member.

Add more work to the site any time, and keep on growing!

Your artwork is beloved far and wide, and you’re earning money every step of the way as Members try new pieces and buy what they love.

Through your Artist Dashboard you can track your progress and give out free Memberships to your friends and followers so they can support you while enjoying your work.

What About Selling Prints & Originals?

Some Members love the service because it allows them to discover new art and keep their space fresh. But someday, everyone finds a piece they love and want to buy. When this happens, they can buy prints or originals if available.

Each original sale is handled individually. A member of the Artist Team will be in touch when a customer inquires about buying your original work so we can assist with shipping and any other details necessary.

Print sales happen online, and you can track these through your Artist Dashboard. We take care of all the printing and fulfillment, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Meet Some Of Our Artists

On TurningArt since 2011
Just a dog trying to get a bone Noir Matt

Matthew Clark

It's really cool to be able to track pieces and see where they are going and how much people view, etc.
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A member comissioned a new piece based on her work

Michelle Ferrera

Taking this plunge to do art fulltime is so scary… You and your team at TurningArt are really doing a great job at being attentive and helping us further our careers as Artists!
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Michelle Mmm Summertime makes me feel

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Check out our Artist FAQs or email us at artists@turningart.com and we'll take care of you right away.