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Selena Fara Melancon

Austin, TX

About Selena Fara Melancon

Austin, TX

I am a self-taught fine art painter born in Sarasota, Florida. My paintings often come to me as visions, fueled by my environment, emotions, and dreams. These visions permeate my thoughts until I bring them to fruition. Tastes Like Ambrosia was a painting I ruminated on for months before committing to the creation. I found myself fascinated with the lines and curves of the agave plant, which I often saw on walks near my home. The composition of the agave plant strikes me as reminiscent of the way a dancer moves across the floor; so gracefully yet with such fervor.

I put feeling into tangible works of art through layers of paint, applied at times with my hands, and other times with a brush. I am inspired by the dichotomy of rough vs. soft as in my application of impasto that is intertwined with the fine lines of charcoal. The opposing mediums reflect my mood about life. Examining the many facets of both light and dark and how neither can exist without the other, is illustrated throughout my work.

I began work on my current collection, Revival, in 2016. This collection reflects a series of inner metamorphoses from my single life in New York City to becoming a wife and mother in Austin, Texas. Bringing life into this world has brought about an appreciation for nature that has been transformative and deeply inspiring. The journey has been messy, humbling, and divinely beautiful.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • Armadillo Bazaar
    Palmer event Center, ATX, 2017
  • Big Medium
    West Austin Studio Tour, 2014
  • Romani Gallery
    E. 12th St., ATX, 2014
  • 30 Rooms by Six Summit Gallery
    Chelsea, NYC, 2013

Press and Accolades

  • Los Angeles RAW artist of the year

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