Sebastian Rudko Meet

Sebastian Rudko

Niepolomice, Poland

About Sebastian Rudko

Niepolomice, Poland

Sebastian in his inspiration is characterized by nature and culture, that is, what he sees, feels and perceives. "It's interesting that in a split second you can see a picture that stays so firmly in your subconscious that you can't resist – just paint it." He often observes phenomena such as reflections, arising as a result of the impact of light. He also uses sketches and photographs, but the most important thing is to remember what intrigued him. The reality he depicts is an apparent reality, reflected, reduced by light, but still existing.

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Other works by Sebastian Rudko

Selected Exhibitions

  • Clio Art Fair
    New York, USA , 2018
  • Förster Gallery
    Berlin, Germany, 2013
  • Adecai I’Espace Caravelle
    Mulhouse, France , 2011
  • International Painting Picture of Public Space
    Poznan, Poland, 2009
  • Triennial of Polish Painting
    Czestochowa, Poland, 2007

Press and Accolades

    December 15, 2006


  • Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, Painting Department, 2006 - Graduate Diploma
    Cracow, Poland,2001 

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