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Keegan Carter

Atlanta, GA

About Keegan Carter

Atlanta, GA

Keegan Carter is an Atlanta-based artist who approaches the complexity of self-authenticity and human evolution through layering and texturing techniques. His style is heavily influenced by the abstract expressionism era, where the fluid and intuitive method of painting is preferred over conscious and strategic production. More clearly, he creates with 2 things in focus: emotion and aesthetics.

Currently, his works are inspired by humans. Naturally, humans are vibrant, chaotic, and free. This is why the background layer of the artwork contains unique shapes, curves, and unrecognizable figures. When humans present themselves to the world, though, they often layer a mask over their true selves to fit into society. People naturally become more "professional," "put together," and more aligned with what others are used to seeing. That is why the foreground layer has recognizable shapes like rectangles and circles.

Keegan attended Georgetown University and worked in big tech (Google, Twitter, Pinterest) throughout his business career. He is heavily influenced by culture, music, and food and his time living and painting in Mexico City, MX (CDMX). He has produced 3 solo shows and is currently working on his 4th.

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  • Georgetown University, Marketing
    Washington, D.C.,2014 

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