Cassandra Glanzmann Meet

Cassandra Glanzmann

Marina Del Rey, CA

About Cassandra Glanzmann

Marina Del Rey, CA

Cassandra Glanzmann is an americanized Swede whose dramatic and boldly colored oil paintings explore the notion of impermanence as a profoundly beautiful reminder of what it means to exist. Using sweeping, gestural brushstrokes she creates loose abstractions that melt away before your eyes. Hazy underwater seascapes, exploding sunsets, melting gardens or diffuse female forms all remind us that nothing in life can be fully grasped or held onto: everything that we see, experience and are, is in constant flux and eventually vanishes.

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Other works by Cassandra Glanzmann

Selected Exhibitions


  • Sotheby's Institute Of Art, Masters of Art Business
    New York, NY,2014 
  • Georgetown University , BSFS - Culture & Politics
    Washington, DC,2013 

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