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Piece description from the artist

This moment right here was very intense. Growing up in South Africa where my family and I visited national parks often, these gentle giants became one of my favorite animals to photograph. The game changes, however, when you're the one driving, instead of Dad, while also trying to take photos. You become observant of their behavior & body language but can still never be too sure when you should just drop the camera and get out of their way. On this day I was alone in my car. The elephant bull casually came strolling towards me and I started taking photos of his face. My car was in gear and foot on the petrol just in case he might have become annoyed. I still can't believe I actually got this shot – I was shaking like a leaf! He carried on walking behind my car without paying much attention to me and we parted ways on good terms. All original artwork is sold unframed and is printed with a white border.

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About Lindsay Basson

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Lindsay Basson is a photographer from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. She completed her first year in Art, Design & Photography at the Nelson Mandela University in her hometown, but felt restricted at university and decided not to continue her studies. Her love for travel & the unknown has motivated her a great deal to document life.

Being more self-taught, Lindsay has worked hard over the years to refine her skills and has since had her work published internationally by companies such as HarperCollins, Delta Airlines, Media24 & Fuji Xerox. She continues to push herself by experimenting with different techniques both in camera as well as in the post-production of images.

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