Time out 2

Time Out

Piece description from the artist

A cluster of birch trees by a frozen lake play host to a tiny bird house.
I myself am a novice birder. A love that was handed down to me by the former owner of my house, who had carefully strung wire between two giant black walnut trees, to hang feeders that would be inaccessible to squirrels. Of course now I also have tight rope walking squirrels.

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About Karen Strangfeld

Harwich, MA

I'm a New England native, with a BA in Studio Art, Art History, Museum Studies. I've spent over a decade working at one of Boston's largest art museums, and now live out in a tiny town in northern central New England. My painting style is a sort of loose modern impressionist take on landscapes and cityscapes.

I think painting is pretty similar to writing, or cooking. But let's say writing- You start out with a blank white sheet and an idea. And you know a lot of rules about how to put everything together. But there's a lot of freedom after that. And you're sort of on your own to figure out what will resonate with someone else. (Because ultimately you hope it ends up in someone else's home, if only because your own house only has so many walls! But also because I think every artist paints for the same reason chefs cook and writers write- to have others enjoy their work.) But you can't please everyone! So I often remind myself- this painting might only ever hang on my wall. And I try to paint from the perspective of – What would I be happy looking at for the next 40 years?

And it's just that. It's like cooking. Make something that tastes good to you, and it will probably taste good to someone else too.

I hope you enjoy. :)

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