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The Writer's Muse

The Writer's Muse

Piece description from the artist

Drawing the human body is a constant source of inspiration for Hana Shoup’s art. Using this process of printmaking, she repeats the image of an ancient torso, alters each one to make it unique, and presents it as a timeless form.
“Each of these works on paper is a one-of-a kind print using the process called etching. First, I draw my image with my sharp tools onto a metal plate, which I previously covered with gum Arabic, an acid-resisting layer. Then I submerge the plate in an acid bath. The acid eats (or “etches”) the areas on the plate I uncovered. The stronger the acid, the deeper and darker the lines of the image. I repeat these steps until I am satisfied with my image. After this I polish areas on the plate with a burnishing tool to smooth texture and bumps, so some areas will print more lightly. I then scrape ink onto the plate, gently wiping away the highlights with old newspaper. Next I move to the bed of the roller press. I sandwich the inked plate between dampened, %100 cotton rag paper, and a protective square of felt and turn the wheel on the press. The press bed rolls the plate under massive pressure to impart the ink into the paper. At this point, I can use the plate to repeat this process and make another print with the same image.”

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8.0" x 10.0"

Unfortunately, the original of this work is not available. However, one of our friendly Personal Curators can reach out to the artist to see if they’d be interested in a commission. Get in touch.

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