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The Mickey Mao

The Mickey Mao

Piece description from the artist

‘Pop Hybrids’ are about, among other things, reduction: the reduction of personality into logo, the reduction of individuality into the collective, the reduction of photography into design. They are a subtraction of images: the recycling, re-using and reducing of two or more images into one iconographic collection of shapes.

This mesmeric series of work deals with popular iconography, ironic duality and satirical juxtapositions. By portraying famous and infamous cultural icons inter-layered with one another, these highly lustrous, visually arresting pieces challenge the viewer to decipher the image while making the sardonic, metaphorical and sometimes philosophical connections within.

The series began as meticulously hand-painted acrylic on canvas pieces, which were then sealed in a mirror-finish resin coating. When people began falling for specific paintings that had already found homes, I decided that the logical next step in allowing me to make the work more widely available would be to make the work as "original limited editions", each design in a numbered edition of 5 or 10, depending on the size. I now create the imagery digitally, print the image on metallic photo paper, mount the print to panel, and finish the pieces with my hand by applying the final touch – a smooth as glass resin coating.