Stigmas vi

Stigmas VI

Piece description from the artist

Stigmas is a series of photographs from one painting. The painting measures 56" x 72" and is a mixture of oil and wax on canvas. It is a painting made up of many memories and experiences, both good and bad. Over time these elements get more and more covered up hiding what is below. Only the artist, Collin Erickson knows what is below the layers of paint and wax. The Stigmas series is made up of 6 images from different sections of the single painting.

Other works by Collin Erickson

About Collin Erickson

Westwood, NJ

Collin Erickson picked up photography after spending hundreds of hours in a darkroom around 2002. From this experience he bought his first digital SLR and could never put it down again. His eye is constantly searching for something that others may have overlooked. These are the moments that he finds the most incredible.
Collin graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Art & Graphic Design. Collin then went on to obtain a Master in Architecture. It was a grueling time but he took a lot from it and learned how to further refine his art and design background.
Collin's aim is to meld both photography and architecture together into one career. He has a unique love for both disciplines.
Collin is currently living in the New York Metropolitan area. He is an accomplished artist/photographer and has displayed his landscape/abstract photography & paintings in many galleries across the United States.
You can stay up to date with all his new work on Instagram. Account name: cson83

See Collin's portfolio here

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